Student Ministry has a strategically important role in helping us accomplish the mission of the CNBC.  Through student ministry we are discovering, developing and deploying young leaders to serve in all aspects of church ministry.  Student missionaries have had a temendous impact in helping establish new churches all across Canada. Through missions projects in Canada, North America and around the world, students are equipped to serve wherever God is calling them.

Your Church and College / University Ministry

The CNBC invests in college and university students lives through many models of university/college ministry. 

Contact Mel Cruikshank for information about:

  • Workshops or training to equip the church or association to start a ministry to students
  • Help in planting churches in college and university community settings
  • Support to strengthen existing ministry to students
  • Training events for collegiate ministry leaders
  • Evangelism training, equipping the church and students to reach students
  • Help in reaching specific campuses, establishing a church ministry on campus
  • Help in establishing a network of collegiate ministries in an association or local area
  • Support for other aspects of student ministry

Email Mel Cruikshank
Missions Impact Leader
Ph. 780-487-8577 - office
Ph. 780-235-8577 - cell 

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