Student Missions

Why Student Missions?

If you are a student looking for mission opportunities, click here.

High school, college and seminary students desire to participate in relevant ministry roles that assist local CNBC and Southern Baptist Churches while being developed in the areas of missions and Christian service. The goal is to:

  • Lead students to discover future areas of service as they learn from experienced ministry leaders.
  • Lead students to develop their relationship with God as He uses them to meet the spiritual and physical needs of others.
  • Lead students to deploy on a mission for Christ that will take them into new cultures to experience missions and missional living firsthand.
  • Assist local churches, campus ministries, and NAMB missionaries in mission needs related to church planting and evangelism that utilizes the skills, creativity and passions of students.

Things to know before requesting student missionaries

The following key points contribute to a successful missions experience for the field and the students:

  • The Project Request Form should be completed by the local supervisor.
  • Student missionary activities must support and assist local CNBC churches or church plants.
  • Careful attention should be given to pre-planning the mission project.  This includes having a missionary development plan, plans for housing, food and transportation for the missionaries.
  • Be creative in the use of students! They will thrive and your church / organization will benefit.

Process for requesting a project

Step 1:  Complete a Project Request Form which is available by emailing Mel Cruikshank. 

Step 2:  Forward the completed Project Request Form to Mel Cruikshank, the CNBC Missions Impact Leader.  The Lead Church Planting Catalyst for your region will be contacted to make sure this request fits into the strategy for the region. It would be good to communicate with the Lead Catalyst for your region before submitting this request.  Contact Mel if you need to know who your Lead Catalyst is.

Step 3:  Register for Developing and Managing People Training which is available online here at

Step 4:  Mel will review the request to determine if it is in alignment with CNBC and NAMB strategy and if there are adequate systems of supervision and logistical support.  If the request for student missionaries is approved, the request is forwarded to the Missionary Mobilization team at NAMB.

Step 5:  The Missionary Mobilization Team reviews the request and posts the project.  If no student has been pre-enlisted by the local ministry site, then the Missionary Mobilization Team will work to enlist students.  If students have already been recruited for the project, then the request will be logged and matched with the requested student's application.

Requesting Student Missionaries

Student Missionaries can serve any time of the year for between 8 and 10 week periods. 

Student missionaries will receive a stipend of $1200 from NAMB.  ($1750 in SEND Cities). 

A few special "Long Term" Student Missionary positions are available.  These positions are for a period of between 40 and 52 weeks.  Student missionaries will receive a stipend of $5000 from NAMB.  There is a separate process for making these long term student missions requests. Talk to Mel Cruikshank or Peter Blackaby for more info. 

Requests for student missionaries should be made well in advance.  For summer missionary requests (June 1 start date) please make your request by February 1.  If you can make your summer missions request by September 1, then your request can be presented to Baptist Campus ministries around North America for consideration for their mission programs.  This is a great advantage for promotion of your project before thousands of students. 

For September 1 start dates please make your request by June 1. 

For January 1 start dates, please make the request by October 1. 

Your responsibilites in hosting a Student Missionary

If you request and receive a summer or semester missionary, the following are your responsibilites in hosting the missionary.

  • Food and housing / utilities
  • Transportation on the field
  • Operation / program budget
  • Supervision, orientation and debriefing

If you cannot cover the above expenses, then in your application request, you must list the dollar amount that the student must bring with them to cover those expenses.

Remember that student missionaries are not only giving of their time, but are also giving up a summer or semester where they could be working.  If you ask student missionaries to provide significant funds on top of this, there will be fewer students who will be able to consider your request.

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