VIDEO: Church Planting in Toronto - 2020

JD and Andreina Fasolino

Your gifts to the Great Commission Offering at work!

Toronto is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. And although there’s a large Hispanic population, there are few Hispanic churches. JD and Andreina moved from Venezuela to plant one.

The Fasolinos started with a small group Bible study. Now Emmanuel Baptist Church East involves more than 70 people worshipping together, representing Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala. They also have a ministry serving migrant workers on a local mushroom farm.

“Because of diversity, some people tend to isolate and become lonely. There is a continuous sense of mourning—the same you have when you lose a loved one—but in this case because you lost your language, your traditions, your friends, family and even your food.” says JD.

Prayer Requests

  • For boldness to proclaim Christ in a city with opposition.

  • For Emmanuel Baptist Church to create community and family for those who are lonely and isolated.


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