Teams & Team Building

A good leader understands we are smarter together than any one person is on their own.  Leaders from Moses to David, Paul and Jesus knew how to build teams to accomplish God's purpose.


Building an Effective Ministry Team for the Small Church

Min_team3 Much of church ministry requires people to work together to accomplish common (and biblical) goals and objectives. The challenge for leadership is to develop an effective strategy to fill the staffing needs of the church and equip people to work together to accomplish the will of God.

Developing a Ministry Team

Ministry_teams2 You were not designed to do church alone. You are not a one-man band. No one is. It's no fun trying to play all the instruments yourself and sing, too. Article by Wayne Cordeiro

How to Develop a Great Ministry Team

Team1 strong churches have a strong team spirit. They do this by combining two things: a common goal with good communication. Article by Rick Warren

Meetings that strengthen teams and build community

Checklist Most of us look forward to meetings like we look forward to having a root canal. Is there a way to make meeting more effective and not only accomplish the task but also build community. YES!

Team-based ministry changing church culture By Jennifer Harris

Team-leaders-300x300 Teams...Committees? Isn't it all just semantics? Not according to this article which emphasizes that teams require trust and cooperation at a higher level.

Team Fitness Survey

Test A basic assessment tool to help your team discover key talking points to move forward for greater results while sustaining healthy relationships.