Servant Leadership

 Leadership is influence... to influence God's people toward God's kingdom purposes we must learn the way of Jesus.  He has much to say to us about servant leadership.


Summer reading for Small Group leaders

Small_group_leadersscreen_shot_2017-07-12_at_3 Recommended books for Small Group leaders and discipling

Summer reading for Disciple-Makers

Summer_reading_ Books to help a disciple teach others more effectively

Church Leaders: Be a Servant

Serva_lead1 Servanthood requires the right attitudes and ambitions, not merely the right actions. Playing the part eventually shows itself. Leaders must serve from the inside out. Servanthood begins in the heart.

The Three Tests of a Servant Leader

Serv_lead3 article by Joe McKeever, helping pastors to check themselves to see if they are servants as well as leaders

Servant Leadership

Serv_lead1 An article by Eric Swanson, Cru, on becoming servant leaders in ministry

Shepherd or Leader?

Shepherd_-_google_search Should a pastor be an entrepreneurial leader or a loving shepherd? Are they mutually exclusive?

Characteristics of a Servant Leader

Servant_lead1 10 Characteristics of a Servant Leader, from Regent College article explaining how "Servant" and "Leader' aren't opposites

The Servant as Leader

Servant_leadership1 An article by Robert K Greenleaf, who wrote the seminal book "Servant Leadership" answering the question: SERVANT AND LEADER — can these two roles be fused in one real person, in all levels of status or calling? If so, can that person live and be productive in the real world of the present?