the info files for the DiscipleMaker app


Frequently Asked Questions

Faq_oct16 FAQ about the Stages app

Storylines in DiscipleMaker App

Storylines_oct16 Using StoryLines to move people to spiritual maturity

Helping the Curious

Helping_the_curious resources in the Stages app to help seekers come to Jesus

Helping a Believer B

Helping_a_believer Learning how to invest in a new Believer and disciple them

Helping a Disciple

Helping_a_disciple Helping a DiscipleMaker to invest in a new Disciple

Helping a DiscipleMaker

Helping_a_disciplemaker_oct16 How to produce more DiscipleMakers


Self-evaluation assessing someone spiritually, to see what stage they're in

Index - Comprehensive1

Index_comprehensive an Index of all Stages Diagram helps, by Stages, Subjects and Alphabetically

Helping a Believer

Helping_a_believer_oct16 Ways a DiscipleMaker can help a new Believer grow

Getting Started to use the DiscipleMaker app

Getting_started_road_bkgd an overview of the Stages Diagram app