Not Curious Lifestyle

 Stages helps for Not Curious lifestyle

The lifestyle of the Not-Curious eliminates a need for God, rejects the salvation offered in Jesus, or embraces another religion. A DiscipleMaker must use wisdom, prayer and love to awaken curiosity in the person's life.


Not Curious Essentials & Favorites

Essentials_and_favorites1 Helping the Not Curious to find God, using Essential and Favorite helps

Praying for the Not Curious

Prayer_-_smaller Helping a DiscipleMaker pray regularly for those who aren't interested

Conversing with a Stranger

Talking1 Helping a DiscipleMaker become comfortable conversing with a stranger, showing genuine interest in them.


Seeker-aware Becoming sensitized to the Curious around you

Finding God

Finding_god1 Some come to God in one conversation; others in a process. We must help both to find God and follow Jesus.

Praying for those seeking God

Prayering1 Ways to pray for those around us who are seeking God

Answering Hard Questions

Answering_questions1 Helping a DiscipleMaker prepare to answer the questions of those seeking God

Asking Good Questions

Asking_questions1 Helping a DiscipleMaker ask questions that lead to a spiritual discussion.

Roman Road witnessing plan

Roman_road1 Using verses from Romans to help a somone repent and believe in the Good News


Worldview1 A diagram useful for discussing worldviews and world religions, especially concerning origins of the universe

Other Religions Pt 1

Other_religions_pt_1 Answering a Seeker's question, "What about other religions? Don't they get us to God too?"

Clues for the Not Curious

Clues1 Helping someone who's not interested become a spiritual detective, assembling Clues to discover God is real.

the Big Bang Diagram

Big_bang1 Using the Big Bang diagram to show that believing in God is reasonable.

Is the Bible true?

The_bible_is_it_true Talking points to explain why Christians say the Bible is reliable.

How can I know the Bible is true?

Bible_25 Answering the question about the accuracy of the Bible