Disciple Stage

Storyline: helping a Christian move from the Disciple to the DiscipleMaker stage

A Disciple must know, feel and do (Head, Heart and Hands) to mature spiritually. Here are eighteen Head, Heart and Hands helps to train a growing Disciple in the spiritual life, plus many Additional ones.


Value Self-Feeding

Self-feeder Helping a new Disciple see the value of feeding themselves spiritually

Renew the Mind

Renew_the_mind Helping a young Disciple learn to reprogram their mind with the Big Ideas of God

Learn Disciplines

Learn_disciplines Helping a new Disciple learn the importance of Spiritual Disciplines

Reject Idols

Reject_idols Helping a young Disciple get the God substitutes out of their lives

Dedicate my Body

Dedicate_body Helping a new Disciple to give God access to their body, to be used for his glory