Small Groups

 Small Groups


Questions to help analyze your small group

Small_group 10 questions to use for analyzing your small group

Training Manuals

Training1 Resources to help train small group leaders, including manuals and books

Leader Training

Small_groups1 Books and videos to help train leaders of small groups

Coaching Small Group Leaders

Coaching1 The role of a small group coach in working with group leaders, including ways to encourage them

Prayer in Small Groups

Prayer_group2 Suggestions for more prayer participation in small groups

Small Groups: helping small groups develop Upward, Inward, Forward and Outward values

Articles__improve_your_existing_small_groups Small groups should develop Upward, Inward, Forward and Outward values

SPECKA: a Bible Study Method with Application

Specka Using the acrostic SPECKA to lead a small group study