Sometimes we get stuck or need a little motivation to stay fresh and current in our communication.  Hopefully these articles will stimulate you to "keep preaching the Word, in season and out." 


The Prosperity Gospel

Prosperity Health & Wealth Theology considered

Andy Stanley's Formula for Preaching

A_stanley An overview of the Me-We-God-You-Us preaching formula

Better Big Ideas by Hadden Robinson

Hadden_r Developing a single, clear idea for a sermon

3-D Storytelling in Preaching

3d-glasses Make your stories more vivid when preaching & teaching. Details, Dialogue, Delayed Denouement.

7 Reasons Why Speakers Flop

Slip This isn't rocket science but often ministers/leaders get busy and neglect the basic principles of communication. Don't slip on one of these 7 reasons.

Four Kinds of Expositional Preaching by Ed Stetzer

Bigstock_preacher_with_bible_2744482 Stetzer challenges us to be relevant but not to lose sight of the Bible and Christ in our communication.