Sample Forms

Following are links to forms from some of our churches.  Please feel free to use these as examples when building your churches documents.


Claiming GST/HST Rebates

Gst-hst If your church has received a business number and is registered as a charity with Canada Revenue Agency, then your church is also a charity for GST/HST purposes.

Policy - Cell Phones

0o1a2749-788 This policy relates to CNBC employees who are provided with a company-owned cell phone as part of their employment package.

Sample Designated Gift Policy

Taking-money-from-wallet-and-paying_m1x3zrdd This policy deals with contributions designated in support of a program or project that has been approved.

Sample Benevolence Policy

Hungry-children As an integral part of the ministry of our church, the Benevolence Fund provides financial assistance to individuals or families who are experiencing financial or material needs.

Policy - Business Travel for Support Staff

Lady_driving_car Some of our support staff are required to use their vehicles for CNBC Ministry, while others may be asked to run an errand for the office.

Church Benevolence: Public or Private?

Give-charity-sm Care must be taken by churches to ensure that their benevolence ministry is in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

Constitution Template

Ch_const_temp?1428493340 Overview of purpose of a constitution, link to template.

CNBC Church Constitutions

Constitution_bylaw Constitutions of some CNBC churches across the country. Feel free to have a look and use any ideas you find.