Helps for the Curious stage in Stages Diagram

A Curious person must get hungry to find God and follow Jesus. This section includes 15 knowing, feeling and doing (Head, Heart and Hands) articles. A DiscipleMaker can use them to help a seeker how to come to God. There are  many Additional articles too.

Articles and Videos

Signs 6 - 7
Signs 3 - 5
Signs 0 - 2
Clues #8 - 10
Clues #5-7
Clues 1-4
Clues for a someone seeking God
Climb the Step Ladder
One Verse Witnessing
Good News 6
Good News 5
Good News 4
Good News 3
Good News 2
Good News 1
Relational diagram for witnessing
Other Religions Pt 1
Logic or Faith? Part 2
Logic or Faith? Part 1
Roman Road witnessing plan
Asking Good Questions
Answering Hard Questions
Praying for those seeking God
Finding God
003 KeyVerses for Seekers, Coming to Jesus
002 KeyVerse series, Understanding Jesus
001 KeyVerses for the Curious
• The Big Story
Bridge - Training in Evangelism
Using John's Gospel for the curious
BLESS-ing those seeking God
CARE-ing for the Curious
Essentials & Favorites for the Curious
Overview of Curious stage