A Deacon's Hospital Visit Guide

Visit_deacon2 a guide from Brentwood Baptist Church to train deacons in hospital visitation

Training Deacons

Deacon-1 Various resources for training deacons to minister in their congregations

Deacons or Elders?

Elders_and_deacons1 Helping a church decide if they should have deacons or elders, or both.

The Biblical Role of Deacons

Deacons_servants A thorough overview of the role of deacons, by Derek Gentle

Deacons: Shock-Absorbers and Servants

Jamie_ Seeing the role of deacons in a fresh light, by Jamie Dunlop

The Biblical Qualifications and Responsibilities of Deacons

B_merkle_worship A biblical overview of the position of elders and deacons, by Benjamin Merkle