Church Conflict

What to do when your church experiences divisions and conflicts? Here's resources to help you get perspective and develop a strategy for reconciliation.




Resolving Church Conflict

Church_conf3 After fourteen years of experience one church consultant and conflict specialist declared, “I have not yet been in a church that has a decent set of understandings of how to deal with differences when they arise”

What's distinctive about church conflict

Church_conf1 Churches are natural nesting places for damaged people, so the church is inevitably called upon to manage high levels of anxiety. In circumstances where many other groups would say, “We’re just not putting up with this sort of behaviour,” and would expel the person who is seen as the source of disruption, Christian fellowships will typically be reluctant to do so.

Counseling the Church in Conflict

Church_conflict2 resources from Church Peacemaking, including Perspective, Discernment, Leadership, Group Dynamics etc to navigate through a church conflict

Surveys about Church Conflict

Conflict About four in ten pastors (38%) say they left a pastoral position due in part to conflict. The harsh initial feelings and residual hurts are not easily assuaged, and many pastors move on because of it. This survey shows the impact on pastors and leaders

Conflict Solving

Church_conflict_resolution resources for solving church conflicts, from

Stages of Unresolved Church Conflict

Peacemaker-300w Eight stages of escalation in a church conflict