Bible Teaching Resources

The Church Strengthening Team will equip churches and church leaders by providing materials for discipling, ESL, Vacation Bible School, Sports Ministry, and Age Group Bible Teaching Resources.

Church Strengthening Team 

Paul Johnson
New Disciple-Makers Team Leader
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Carol Lian
Administrative Assistant
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Needed: Spiritual Driving Instructors

Spiritual_drving_instructors We learn to drive because a driving instructor gives us "life-on-life" training. We must play the same role for young Christians

Following Christ, for brand-new Christians

Following_christ A 6 lesson study for new Christians to help them get started following Jesus

Explanation of Stages Diagram

Explanation A person comes to God and starts following Jesus in stages. Here's an overview of the 5 stages from the viewpoint of a DiscipleMaker

Details of the Stages Diagram

Details A detailed study of the Stages diagram, with resources and helps for each stage.