** Due to the ongoing progression of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Ontario Government has recently ruled that there can no longer be public gatherings of more than 5 people until at least July. Therefore, our Annual Gathering has been cancelled as a physical gathering this year.

After meeting with our Local Team Leaders and boards, we have decided to postpone our Annual Gathering indefinitely. Our team will meet together in two months to assess where we are at and how we might best meet the needs of our churches and leaders in light of where we are at that time. **


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Team Reports
• National Ministry Leader Report
• Church Strengthening Team Report
• Missions and Evangelism Team Report
• Church Planting Team Report
• Women's Ministries Team Report
• Regional Ministries Team Report
CNBC Contributions and Offerings
• CNBC Cooperative Program
  & Special Offerings Report 2019
• Cooperative Giving April 2020
CNBC Budget and Financial Statement
• CNBC Budget 2021
• CNBC Financial Statements 2019
CNBC Foundation Budget and Financial Statement
• CNBC Foundation Report
• CNBC Foundation Budget 2021
• CNBC Foundation Financial Statements 2019
Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College (CSBS&C)
• CSBS&C President's Report
• CSBS&C Operating Budget Summary
• CSBS&C Financial Statements 2019



More information on if / when we hold an online business meeting will be emailed out to our churches once those decisions have been made. We thank you in advance for your patience as we navigate these unprecidented times.




In order to nominate someone for an Officer position on the National Leadership Board for the CNBC, please fill out the nomination form by clicking the button below. All submitted nominees will be contacted to confirm they will allow their name to stand. 



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