CNBC Annual Convention 2017

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                                                                       Youth Program                                                                       
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We want to invite our CNBC family of churches to Vancouver this year for our annual gathering on July 7 - 8, 2017. Come enjoy our city nestled between the mountains and coast. Our hope is you will enjoy the vast variety of outdoor activities and culinary experiences in the beautiful environment offered in our city as you enjoy renewing and discovering new relationships with family from across the nation.

Like waves continuing to break on the West Coast, we have heard the stories of God's activity from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We want to gather and allow the sounds of joy to grow as we join our voices in celebrating all God is doing across our nation. We want to build on the foundation of unified prayer laid last year in Montreal as we prayed for Quebec then Quebec turned and prayed for the nation. We also hope you will be challenged by the opportunities we have ahead.



Best Western PLUS Abercorn
$179.99 CAD / night
9260 Bridgeport Road 
Richmond, BC
Phone: 604-270-7576

Rooming Block Number: 312909
Rooms to be released June 15th


Executive Airport Plaza Hotel
From $189 CAD / night
7311 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BC
Phone: 604-278-5555 or Toll Free:  1-800-663-2878

Group Code: CNBC2017
50% of Rooms to be released May 6, 100% June 6


Holiday Inn Express and Suites
$199.00 CAD / night
10688 No. 6 Road
Richmond, BC
Phone: 604-241-1830
Group Code: West Coast Baptist Association, Website: WCB
Rooms to be released May 6
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2017 CNBC Convention Schedule


 Friday July 7

4:00 pm Registration - Towers Baptist Church Foyer
5:00 pm Block Party - Park adjacent to Towers Baptist Church
7:00 pm Annual Convention Opening Service - Main Sanctuary
  7:00 - Welcome and Thank You - Gerry Taillon
  7:10 - Worship
    7:25 - Local Presentation - Hamish Buntain and Ray Woodard
    7:40 - Church Stregthening Focus - Paul Johnson
    7:55 - Special Appreciation for Joan Bruce - Gerry Taillon
    8:05 - Worship
  8:15 - Message

 Saturday July 8 


8:00 am Alumni Breakfast for Alumni of CSBS&C - Fellowship Hall
10:00 am Morning Worship Service - Main Sanctuary
  10:00 - Welcome - Gerry Taillon
  10:05 - Worship
  10:20 - Evangelism Focus - Kathy Morales
  10:35 - Church Planting Focus - Dan Morgan
  10:50 - Worship
  11:00 - Message - Ashley Austin
11:45 am
Women In Ministry Luncheon - Fellowship Hall
11:45 am
Lunch - List of family friendly options in the area will be available
1:30 pm
Ministry Focus - Main Sanctuary
  1:30 - Call to Order - John Evans
  1:45 - Seminary Report - Rob Blackaby
  2:05 - Seating of Messengers - Credentials Committee
           - Seating of New Churches - Credentials Committee
           - Nominating Committee Report
         - Appointment of Committees - John Evans
  2:20 - Election of Officers - John Evans
           - National Leadership Board Report - John Evans
  2:55 - NAMB Report - Jeff Christopherson
  3:10 - Regional Ministries Focus - Dwight Huffman
  3:25 - Lifeway Report - Kevin Rudd
  3:35 - IMB Report - Cesar Parra
  3:50 - President's Message - John Evans
  4:15 - Adjourn - Gerry Taillon
  Refreshments served in the Fellowship Hall
6:00 pm
Evening Worship Service
  6:00 - Welcome - Gerry Taillon
  6:05 - Worship
  6:20 - CGR Focus - Abraham Shepherd
  6:40 - Choir - Korean Choir
  6:55 - Missions Focus - Cesar Parra
  7:20 - Worship

7:30 - Message - Corneliu Ardelean with Flavius Jeler

  8:00 - Dismissed to see Vancouver

Sunday July 9

Worship in Vancouver (choose a CNBC church)


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Team Reports  
National Ministry Leader Report Gerry Taillon
Church Strengthening Team Report Paul Johnson
Missions Team Report Cesar Parra
Church Starting Team Report Dan Morgan
Evangelism and Women's Ministries Team Report Kathy Morales
Regions Team Report Dwight Huffman

CNBC Annual Convention Business Session 2016

  Ministry Focus Agenda 2017 PDF or DIGITAL  
  Nominating Committee Report  

CNBC Contributions and Offerings


  CNBC Cooperative Program & Special Offerings Report 2017 PDF or DIGITAL
  Cooperative Giving May 2017  

CNBC Budget and Financial Statement

  CNBC Budget 2018 PDF or DIGITAL  
  CNBC Financial Statements  
  International Missions Budget 2018  

CNBC  Foundation Budget and Financial Statement

  CNBC Foundation Report  
  CNBC Foundation Budget 2018  
  CNBC Foundation Financial Statement  

Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College (CSBS&C)

  CSBS&C Report Dr. Rob Blackaby - President
  CSBS&C Operating Budget Summary  

CSBS&C Financial Statement



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There will be a VBS style kids program to keep your kids engaged and learning during each of the adult sessions. All childrens programs, for infants up to grade 7, will open 1/2 hour before the adult sessions to give you time to get your children registered and settled in their age apporopriate programs.

Bring your kids out for a great program including
Games, Bible Stories, Crafts, Outdoor Activities and LOTS of fun!!

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Youth are invited to join in the worship service for Friday evening, and will have a special youth program built just for them on Saturday. There is a team ready to take the youth exploring the city and they will participate in a fun Surprise Activity in the afternoon.


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Session Date Time
Women in Ministry Lunch Saturday, Jul 8, 2017 4:30 AM - 6:00 AM