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Rodd Royalty Hotel

14 Capital Drive, Charlottetown, PEI
$145 - Standard 1 bed
$155 - Standard 2 beds
Rodd Royalty Guests are offered a complimentary breakfast served in the dining room.
To make a reservation, please call 1-800-565-RODD (7633) and tell them that you are booking with the rooming block for the Canadian National Baptist Convention.
Please be sure to book your room by April 15, 2018 to ensure that you receive the rooming block pricing. 
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2018 CNBC Convention Schedule
Thursday May 31  
5:30          Registration - Community Baptist Church
6:30  Annual Convention Opening Service - Main Sanctuary
  Welcome Message - Gerry Taillon
  Local Presentation - Derek Jones / John Evans
    President's Message - Hamish Buntain







Friday Morning - June 1

10:00 Ministry Focus
  10:00 - Call to order - Hamish Buntain
  10:15 - Reporting Fair ......x 3 Stations
  11:00 - Seating of Messengers - Credentials Committee
            - Seating of New Churches - Credentials Committee
            - Nominating Commitee Report - Hamish Buntain
            - Appointment of Committees - Hamish Buntain
  11:15 - Election of Officers - Hamish Buntain
            - National Leadership Board Report - Hamish Buntain
            - New Business
  11:55 - Seminary Report
  12:15 - Adjourn
12:30  Women's Luncheon
12:30  Lunch Provided

 Friday Afternoon & Evening - June 1 

2:30 Equipping Session 1
  Kathy Howard - Growing On Purpose
  Aristide and Cadeau Nyounai - When Counselling Fails
  Andrew Lamme - Disciple Making for Movement
3:45 Equipping Session 2
  Cesar Parra - Intentional Evangelism at a Block Party Event
  Dwight Huffman - Networking: More Than a Meeting
  Victor Somers - Community Transformation: Winning the Hearts of the Community
6:00 Lobster Dinner (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)
  Fisherman's Wharf - 7230 Rustico Road, North Rustico










Saturday Morning - June 2 

8:30            Alumni Breakfast for Alumni of CSBS&C - Fellowship Hall


10:00 Equipping Session 3
  Paul Johnson - Dealing with Difficult People
  Cesar Parra - Personal Evangelism
  Kathy Morales - CNBC Women: Designing Ministry to Meet Real Needs
 11:00 Missions Focus 
  CGR Highlight
  Missions Message - Cesar Parra









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Friday 2:30 -  Equipping Session 1

When Counselling Fails - Aristide and Cadeau Nyounai


Aristide has been serving as pastor at Providence Christian Church for eight years. He is also a Pension Expert at the Government of Canada Pension Centre, currently on leave to complete an MDiv in Leadership from Liberty University. When Cadeau is not teaching their children at home, she enjoys reading and writing. They both have a passion for discipeship and biblical counselling through which they are continually being equipped and are equipping the saints.

In this session, we'll work together to identify the hurdles and pitfalls of counselling in the local church and understanding and rectifying counselling failures.

Growing On Purpose - Kathy Howard


Kathy Howard helps women live an unshakeable faith for life no matter the circumstances. A former "cultural Christian," Kathy encourages them to stand firm on our rock-solid God through trials and persecution or ease - embracing real, authentic faith.

Disciple Making for Movement - Andrew Lamme 


We all discuss the Great Commission and how Jesus himself instructed to first make disciples. The North American Mission Board has recently introduced the Pipeline which is a three year online program that you as a leader can utilize for developing leaders within your own church. A presentation of this and how you as a church can utilize it will be demonstrated in this session.

Andrew got involved with Church Planting back in 2002 when he met Jeff Christopherson as Jeff was planting The Sanctuary Church. Church Planting was not even on his 'radar' before he joined The Sanctuary but God had something else in store for him and his family. Andrew is grateful for the opportunity to serve in his role with NAMB and CNBC for the past number of years. 


Friday 3:45 -  Equipping Session 2

Intentional Evangelism at a Block Party - Cesar Parra


When having an event to reach the community with the gospel, we need to be ready as a church in how we will serve the people with a purpose driven evangelistic vision. This session will help your church prepare you to be intentional with declaring the gospel at the event and post event.

Cesar is the Team Leader for Missions, Ethnic Churches, and Evangelism at the CNBC. He loves sharing his passion for evangelism and equiping others to lead an evangelistic lifestyle.

Networking: More Than a Meeting - Dwight Huffman 

Dwight Huffman is the CNBC's National Team Leader for Regional Ministries and the Regional Ministry Leader for the Alberta South region. Dwight has been living and serving in Alberta since he and immigrated to Canada from the United States in May of 2000. He has been a church planter, a catalytic missionary and a lead paster, among various other ministry roles. Dwight and his wife Judy live in Cochrane, AB, and have two adult daughters with their own families. Dwight is passionate about seeing lives transformed by the power of the gospel.

Community Transformation: Risking it All to Win the Hearts of the Community - Victor Somers

This session will look at not only taking risks but the different kinds of risks we take when engaging our communities for the Gospel.

Victor and his family moved back to his childhood city in 2011. His goal was to plant a church that would matter to more than just those who show up on Sunday morning. Today Victor leads a church that welcomes thousands into bumping spaces designed to make a gospel difference. He is also a barista at Creative Grounds Cafe and manager of The Vogue, a live events venue owned by the church.


Saturday 3:45 -  Equipping Session 3

Handling Difficult People - Paul Johnson

If you're a leader, you've had your fair share of interactions with difficult people. Volcanos. Thumb-Suckers. Space Cadets. This seminar will explore ways to deal with difficult people gracefully and firmly. If you're a difficult person yourself, we might use you as a case study.

Paul is leader of the CNBC Church Strengthening team and pastor of ROOTS, an English congregation in Truth (Chinese) Baptist, Calgary and resident jokester of the CNBC.

 Personal Evangelism - Cesar Parra


In order to be effective proclaimers of the Gospel one on one, we must be good at developing relationships. This workshop will give you practical ways to be relational even if you are an introvert or you think you don't have the gift of evangelism. If we learn how and apply evangelistic principles, we can all do it!

CNBC Women: Designing Ministry to Meet Real Needs - Kathy Morales


Kathy Morales is a gifted teacher and conference speaker who has a passion for introducing people to Jesus. She is the team Leader for CNBC Women and also works part time as a Corporate Chaplain with Outreach Canada. She loves to facilitate opportunities for women to experience personal and spiritual growth.



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(Links will be provided as reports become available)

Team Reports  
National Ministry Leader Report Gerry Taillon
Church Strengthening Team Report Paul Johnson
Missions and Evangelism Team Report Cesar Parra
Church Starting Team Report Dan Morgan
Women's Ministries Team Report Kathy Morales
Regions Team Report Dwight Huffman

CNBC Annual Convention Business Session 2018

  Ministry Focus Agenda 2018 PDF or DIGITAL  
  Nominating Committee Report  
    New CNBC Constitution  

CNBC Contributions and Offerings


  CNBC Cooperative Program & Special Offerings Report 2018
  Cooperative Giving April 2018  

CNBC Budget and Financial Statement

  CNBC Budget 2019  
  CNBC Financial Statements  

CNBC  Foundation Budget and Financial Statement

  CNBC Foundation Report  
  CNBC Foundation Budget 2019  
  CNBC Foundation Financial Statement  

Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College (CSBS&C)

  CSBS&C Report Dr. Rob Blackaby - President
  CSBS&C Operating Budget Summary  

CSBS&C Financial Statement


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There will be a wonderful, fun and engaging children's program for kids of all ages. Bring your kids to enjoy a VBS style worship experience designed just for them. There will be singing, crafts, worship times, teaching and fun activities in a safe, warm environment for them.   

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CALLING ALL YOUTH!!! We are planning a great time of getting together with youth from across the country in a dynamic and fun program designed just for you!! There will be off site activities for you to enjoy as well as taking in some GREAT worship with "We The Rescued".  Come and hang out...learn a little...experience a lot.  

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