"We are an association of churches in Saskatchewan, committed to exalting the Lord as we partner together to evangelize the lost, equip leaders, encourage churches and expand the Kingdom of God"



CNBC Saskachewan Marriage Officiant Form

Marriage_officiant Fillable form which you can download.

CNBC National Covenant with Northern Lights Baptist Association

Covenants These are the details of the covenant between the Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC) and the Northern Lights Baptist Association (CNBC Saskatchewan).


Faq Here are some frequently asked questions about the covenant between CNBC National and CNBC Saskatchewan.

CNBC National/CNBC Saskatchewan Restructure Proposals

Covenant_proposal-1 This document deals with the various proposals that are part of the restructuring process of CNBC National and its regional associations.

CNBC National Covenant Rationale

Reasons-why This document highlights the rationale for CNBC National establishing covenants with the regional associations across Canada.

CNBC Saskatchewan Constitution

Constitution This is the Constitution for Northern Lights Baptist Association (CNBC Saskatchewan).