CNBCOnt Dates 2018

Img_2303 a quick reference for 2018 dates and events

CNBC National Covenant Rationale

Reasons-why This document highlights the rationale for CNBC National establishing covenants with the regional associations across Canada.


Question Here are some frequently asked questions about the covenant between CNBC and CNBC Ontario.

CNBC National/CNBC Ontario Restructure Proposals

Light-305069_1280 This document deals with the various proposals that are part of the restructuring process of the CNBC National and its regional associations.

CNBC National Covenant with CNBC Ontario

Document-157987_1280 These are the details of the covenant between the Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC) and CNBC Ontario.

CNBC Ontario Restructuring- PDF

17 This is a document describing the restructuring of the relationship between CNBC National and CNBC Ontario.