Church Planting

The New Churches Team focuses on fostering a church planting movement designed to achieve the CNBC goal of 1,000 healthy churches by 2020. We work with provincial leaders to identify communities in need of a new church, discover leaders, engage partners and coordinate the process of bringing each new church to birth. We continue to partner with these new churches by providing coaching and mentoring, short-term mission teams, and funds for evangelistic outreach, disciple-making and leadership development.

Church Planting Team



Dan Morgan
Church Planting Team Leader
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Alicia Hein
Administrative Assistant
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Daniel Yang video - The Power of Two

Yang1_small_copy Daniel Yang in Toronto is a featured NAMB missionary for the 2015 Week of Prayer for North American Missions.

Stepping Out: Mike and Tanya Hauser, Toronto

Hauser Meet Toronto area church planting couple, the Hausers, sharing how they came to follow God's call to plant Starting Point Church.

French Connection: David Pothier

Pothier Meet Montreal church planter David Pothier and hear about God's activity in one of the most unchurched cities in North America.

Millions of Stories in the City

Send_vancouver2 It's the 21st century; it's one of the most sophisticated, worldly cities on earth. And yet in Vancouver, there are people who've never heard...

Send North America: Montreal

Send_montreal It's an hour drive from the U.S. border, and yet its official language is French. It has hundreds of churches, but only a handful of believers. This is Montreal, a city of extremes.

Send North America: Vancouver

Send_vancouver Buddhists outnumber Baptists; newcomers outnumber old-timers; and "no religion" is the leading religion. Vancouver is beautiful, worldly, and very, very different.

Send North America: Toronto

Send_toronto It is one of the most influential and one of the most lost cities in North America. Change Toronto and you can change Canada.

Send North America: Edmonton

Send-edmonton The faces of Edmonton reflect the lostness and hollow lives of the people of one of Canada's great cities. But hope is alive in Edmonton through the gospel, brought by church planters living lives on mission.

Jacques Avakian: Montreal QC

Jacques_avakian NAMB Lead Catalyst - Church Planting - Quebec

Robert Pinkston: Sherbrooke QC

Img-pinkston IMB Quebec Strategy Leader and Quebec Collegiate Strategist

Chad Vandiver: Montreal QC

Img-vandiver NAMB Send City Coordinator, Montreal Quebec

Andrew Lamme: Toronto ON

Img-lamme NAMB Lead Catalyst - Church Planting - Southern Ontario, Canada

Brett Porter: Toronto ON

Img-porter NAMB Send City Coordinator - Toronto Canada

Todd Goudy: Melfort SK

Img-goudy Pastor Todd Goudy, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Melfort, SK

Maurice Tenkink: Prince Albert SK

Imgtenkink NAMB Church Planting Catalyst : MB & SK

Jason Shine: Edmonton AB

Img-shine University Campus Minister, Edmonton, AB

Jeremy Langley: Toronto ON

Img-langley IMB Missionary, Toronto, ON

Mark Gilbert: Toronto ON

Imf-gilbert IMB Missionary - Unreached European People in Toronto Canada

Ray Woodard: Vancouver BC

Img-woodard NAMB Lead Catalyst - Church Planting - British Columbia, Canada

Robert Pinkston: Sherbrooke QC (Français)

Img-pinkston Stratégiste pour ministère universitaire et implantation d'église - Québec

Chad Vandiver: Montreal QC (Français)

Img-vandiver NAMB Send City Coordinator, Montreal Quebec

Jacques Avakian: Montreal QC (Français)

Img-avakianfr NAMB Directeur - Implantation d'Eglise - Québec

Mark Gilbert: Торонто, Канада (русский)

Imf-gilbert ММБ Миссионерского в Торонто, Канада


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