CNBC 2014 Annual Convention - TORONTO



Conv2014-youth Convention 2014 Youth

Convention 2014-01 Worship

Conv2014-1 The Sanctuary Kerr Village Band

Convention 2014-02 Welcome

Conv2014-2 Welcome by Gerry Taillon

Convention 2014-03 Toronto

Conv2014-3 Local Presentation - Toronto

Convention 2014-04 SEND

Conv2014-4 SEND Partnerships

Convention 2014-05 Gerry's Message

Conv2014-5 Message by National Leader Gerry Taillon

Convention 2014-06 Worship

Conv2014-6 The Sanctuary Kerr Village Band

Convention 2014-07 Dwight's Message

Conv2014-7 Message by CNBC President Dwight Huffman

Convention 2014-08 Worship

Conv2014-8 The Sanctuary Kerr Village Band

Convention 2014-B1 Business Meeting

Conv2014-b1 Business meeting led by Dwight Huffman

Convention 2014-B2 Lifeway

Conv2014-b2 Lifeway Report by Ken McDonald

Convention 2014-B3 NAMB

Conv2014-b3 North American Mission Board Report by Jeff Christopherson

French Connection: David Pothier

Pothier Meet Montreal church planter David Pothier and hear about God's activity in one of the most unchurched cities in North America.

Convention 2014-B4 IMB

Conv2014-b4 International Mission Board Report by Terry Sharp

Convention 2014-B5 Missions

Conv2014-b5 Missions Mobilization Report by Peter Blackaby & Mel Cruikshank

Convention 2014-B6 Foundation

Conv2014-b6 CNBC Foundation Report by Gerry Taillon

Convention 2014-B7 Seminary

Conv2014-b7 Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary Report by Rob Blackaby

Convention 2014-B8 Covenant

Conv2014-b8 Thank you and CNBC convenant by Gerry Taillon


2014 Annual Convention Business and Reports

Kingdom-conv2014-web-en Links to Annual Reports and Business Session information for Annual Convention 2014