What is Affiliation?

There are 3 levels of affiliation with the CNBC.  Each level has corresponding requirements and benefits.  Our hope is that all our churches would work towards becoming a Level 3: Voting Member Congregation at their own pace, in order to maximize their participation in the CNBC. Levels of Affiliation:

Level 1: Become a Church Plant ( email Andrew Lamme - CNBC Church Planting Team Leader )
Level 2: Become a Self-Governing Congregation ( Notification of Self Governing Church )
Level 3: Become a Voting Member Congregation ( Voting Member Congregation Application )


What does my church have to do to become an Voting Member Congregation?

As well as fulfilling the requirements of a Church Plant and a Voting Member Congregation, a church must:

- Complete the Application for Affiliation.

- Send in a copy of its own Constitution and Statement of Faith.

- Affirm the mission, vision, values and beliefs of the CNBC and association.

- Agree to the CNBC Church to Church Covenant.

Once the above requirements are completed, the churches application will be reviewed by the Credentials Committee and when approved by them, be forwarded to the next Annual Convention to be voted on by the Messengers in attendance at the Business Meeting.  Once voted on in favor, those churches may vote on any following business that same year.


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Affiliation Booklet