About us

The CNBC is a network of churches who give themselves away for the kingdom of God.  With over 300 churches across Canada, we believe that God's primary vehicle for impacting the world is the local church.  The role of the CNBC staff is to network churches with each other to see God add New Believers, New Disciplemakers and New Churches to our family of congregations all who are Transforming Communities for the Kingdom of God.  

Our vision is to see 1000 healthy churches by the year 2020.


Our Beliefs

Screen_shot_2015-10-14_at_3 The statement of faith of the CNBC

Our Constitution

59_pm Constitution

CNBC Timeline

Screen_shot_2015-03-26_at_1 A brief layout of where CNBC started up to where we are today

Core Values

19_pm The core values of the CNBC

Our Vision

Untitled The Vision of the CCSB

Our Finances

Paracommisioning The principle way that the CNBC is funded is through the Cooperative Program. The Cooperative Program is a voluntary contribution funding mechanism that enable churches to work together to accomplish more than they do if they were apart.

Our Mission

25_pm The Mission of the CNBC