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CNBC-Cuba Partnership
       Cuban Connection / connexion cubaine   Click Here

Connecting with CNBC International Workers   
       Cesar Parra   Email


Promote or Discover Volunteer Needs Across Canada

CNBC Mobilization & Church Planting Team
The following is the local CNBC Mobilization Team & Church Planting Team across Canada.  These individuals are ready to help you develop long term partnerships and/or discover partnership needs in their province.

 Atlantic Canada 
        New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, and Newfoundland & Labrador
           Andrew Lamme, interim Email  (Church Planters & Partnerships)

Québec (including SEND Montreal)     
        Peter Blackaby, interim     Email     (Church Partnerships)
        Jacques Avakian  Email    (Church Planters)

       Central Ontario (including SEND Toronto)   
            Brett Porter  Email         (Church Partnerships)
             Will Han   Email (Church Planters)
        Eastern Ontario (including Ottawa)
             Jason Byers   Email

        Southern & Northern Ontario
            Peter Blackaby  Email   (Church Partnerships)
            Andrew Lamme   Email  (Church Planters)
Saskatchewan & Manitoba         
       Maurice Tenkink  Email  
       Southern Alberta  (including SEND Calgary)
             Bob Shelton     Email   (Church Partnerships)
             Dan Morgan, interim   Email   (Church Planters)

      Northern Alberta  (including SEND Edmonton)
             Nate Vedoya     Email   (Church Partnerships)
             Stan Felder     Email    (Church Planters)

British Columbia        
       Vancouver & Victoria (including SEND Vancouver
            Ray Woodard  Email     (Church Partnerships & Planters)
            Steve Lee Email    (Church Planters)

       Outside Greater Vancouver & Victoria
            Ray Woodard   Email    (Church Partnerships & Planters)

Yukon, Northwest Territories, & Nunavut  
      Stan Felder   Email   (Church Partnerships & Planters)

Not sure where to start?
      Peter Blackaby   Email or Cesar Parra Email (Church Partnerships)
      Dan Morgan   Email    (Church Planters)


Send Network
CNBC is partnering with North American Missions Board to bring additional attention to five cities in Canada: Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton.  For more information about this incredible initiative... Click Here




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Other Information about Partnerships & Opportunities in Canada
Peter Blackaby
Send Network Regional Director
Office:  905-829-5244

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