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Welcome to your one stop for Canadian Volunteers, Churches, and/or Mission Teams who are looking for ways to GO!

(Click here if you are a US church or individual looking for opportunities or partnerships in Canada) 


Opportunities for teams and individuals
           Discover opportunities for individuals and teams in Canada  Email

Opportunities for Students
           summer missions in Canada   Click Here or Email 
           Other opportunities for students serving inside Canada Email


Opportunities for teams and individuals to serve outside Canada
           Cuban Connection - CNBC-Cuba Partnership  Click Here
           Canadian Global Response - Disaster relief & community development  Click here
           CNBC International Workers - International Opportunities with CNBC Missionaries     Click here
           International Mission Board - Opportunities with other International Personnel   Email 
           North American Mission Board - Opportunities in United States   
                   Click here, then select "Involving my church" or Email

Opportunities for Students to serve outside Canada
           North America... Summer or Semester    Email
           International... Summer, Semester, or 2 Year       Click Here


Volunteers & Teams sent from churches -
          Click here for grant description & printable application form.

Students on short term missions -
          Click here  for scholarship description & printable application form.

Ministers and spouses going on international mission trip -
          Click here for scholarship description & printable application form.


          Click here for Short Term Travel options for missions & humanitarian teams. 
                  This insurance suppliments provincial health care and has options to extend
                  beyond extended health insurance plans (including emergency evacuations, etc).  

Government of Canada Foreign Affairs help for international travel
          Click here to register your international travel with Canadian Foreign Affairs
          Click here for travel reports and warnings
          Click here for general international travel tips
          Click here for health related international travel tips
          Click here for information about travel specifically to the United States
          Click here for embassies, consulates, and high commissions representing Canada
          Click here for other foreign affairs information
Recommended Reading
          For mission councils & mission team leaders:
               Mary T. Lederleitner, Cross-Cultural Partnerships (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2010);
                       available on

          For team members doing cross cultural missions of any kind:
               Sarah A. Lanier, Foreign to Familiar (Hagerstown, MD:  McDougal Publishing Co, 2000);
                        available on


Peter Blackaby
Canadian Mobilization
Office:  905-829-5244

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