Sports Ministry

Sports is a universal phenomenon.  In almost every community you can find a designated spot where soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball or cricket is played.  Thousands of families participate in recreational and community sports every season.  Why wouldn’t the church use the same things to reach the lost in their community?  There are many ways for a church to engage communities through sports!

Sports puts you around people who you may not encounter at other types of events.  Whether a fan on the sideline or a participant in the game you will have opportunities to influence those around you.  After several games or events together, you will have opportunities to build trust and engage in relationships.  Many people use sports as an outlet for relaxation or stress relief.  Some of the walls that are typically up may come down as people relax.  Your sporting events will be different from community sporting events because they will be reflecting the love of Jesus.  God will give you the eyes to see the people around you as He does and the heart to share His love with them.

Holly is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Southwinds Church in Calgary, Alberta.  She also serves on the Coordination Team for Send Calgary and Edmonton.  Holly loves sports – both as a participant, a coach and a fan!  She enjoys using sports to help transform her communities with the love of Jesus.

If you would like more information or some suggestions on how to use sports to reach the people in your community, contact Holly.

Holly Procita
Sports Ministry


Sports Ministry

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