ESL Literacy Ministry


ESL Literacy Ministry

As the world is coming to us, how do we respond as helpers?  How can we create a space where a stranger becomes a friend?  What can the church do? 

I believe the church has a unique role to play in meeting needs and embracing newcomers beyond what government programs and settlement services are able to do. Any church or church plant needs to see this ministry as a vital component leading to growth in their church. 

Starting an ESL class or literacy program is not as hard as you might think. All you really need is students who want or need to improve their English, one or more teachers willing to help, and a place to meet. If you have a vision for a program, or you sense God’s call to do something, so much the better. So step number one is pray!

The primary goal of Literacy Missions is to intentionally share and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Literacy Ministry is a ministry that changes lives, not just for one family member but for the whole family.

Marisa has been teaching Conversational ESL at her church, Richmond Hill Baptist Church, in Calgary, Alberta for over 10 years.  Although she wears many hats as a pastor's wife and children's minister, she really loves ESL ministry.

If you would like more information about starting an ESL Literacy Ministry in your church please contact Marisa.


Marisa Spannagel 
ESL Ministry