WYO? Family Devo: Week 4, The Royal Official

WYO? Family Devo: Week 4, The Royal Official 

John 4:43-54


Open a Bible to John 4:43–54, which is the story of Jesus and royal official, whose son was sick. Read the story yourself before presenting it to your family, making note of the following things about the royal official and Jesus’ interaction with him. Focus on how your family can apply Jesus’ method of evangelism to people in your sphere of influence.

  • After staying in Samaria for two days, speaking to the Samaritans, Jesus went to Cana in Galilee where He had performed His first miracle—turning water into wine. There He encountered a royal official who was probably an officer in Herod’s service and whose son was near death.

  • The official had walked 20 miles from Capernaum to Cana to see Jesus. He recognized the authority of Jesus and had faith that Jesus could heal his son. He was desperate (vv. 46–47).

  • Some people won’t believe unless they see a physical, earthly miracle. This was true of many of the people in Cana. That is not faith (v. 48). Look at Hebrews 11:1 for the definition of faith.

  • The royal official had great faith that Jesus could heal his son. What he didn’t know was that Jesus could heal his son from afar (v. 49). This desperate man took Jesus at His word and hurried back to Capernaum to see his son after Jesus told him his son would live.

  • Sure enough, the son was healed at the exact time Jesus had declared he would live (v. 52). Jesus always knows where we are. His power is not limited by time and space. “So he and his whole household believed” (John 4:53, NLT). This miracle impacted a whole household. Your ministry to your one can, too.


Gather the family, and get rid of any distractions, such as television and electronic devices. Review the concept of Who’s Your One, and remind family members who their one is. According to the ages of your children, either read John 4:43-54 from the Bible, or tell the story.


1. Often people seek Christ in seasons of adversity or situations they can’t fix themselves. He is their last resort. Define adversity for your family. Is your one experiencing a season of adversity as was true in the royal official’s life?
2. Some people think that a loving God won’t allow adversity into our lives. But because He loves us, He wants us to grow in faith in Him. God often uses challenging circumstances to draw us closer to Him. We “grow through what we go through.” Think of ways you can explain this concept to your one.
3. Adversity presents many opportunities for growth. First, our faith in God intensifies, and we are strengthened, possibly for a future assignment or event. Second, as we walk in strong faith in the Savior, others take notice. Possibly a whole household will be saved (v. 53). Third, God is glorified. The attention is on Him, not on our earthly circumstances. And fourth, the devil is defeated when we look to heaven and walk bravely through the adversity. His attempt to paralyze us and turn us away from God is thwarted. Brainstorm ways you can explain the things mentioned above to your one and apply them to his or her current situation.
4. Is your one a person who is angry at God for a loss he or she has suffered? Think of ways you can encourage him or her to run to God, not away from Him.
5. Review the 3 Circles app again, and think of ways you can use it explain some of the causes of hardship in this world. This world became broken in the Garden of Eden, and we live in it—for now. But we have the hope of glory in heaven. That hope comes through Jesus Christ alone. Practice with each other, so you will all be ready to share an accurate account of the gospel with your one(s).


Pray for your family and your commitment to this task. Then pray for your one(s) using the prayer on day 22 of the prayer guide. Pray also for whatever the Lord lays on your heart about the persons for whom you are praying. Continue to pray every day, using the prayer guide and the bookmark, for eight days until you come together again as a family for a recap of your experience and the results. Talk about ways your family can continue to pray for and interact with your one(s) and others.


At the end of the eighth day, meet to recap your experiences. What were the high points? What were the lows? What can you do better next time? Determine to take your experience with Who’s Your One to another level with more people. Determine to live your life on mission.