Women’s Network offers online lessons for women in ministry

Horizon Weekly | 3 June 2020

Click here to watch a segment from the 2020 Gateway Women’s Leadership Network webinar on learning to share your faith. The webinar, "Awkward to Awesome", is presented by Canadian mother and daughter duo, Kathy Morales and Stephanie Beaulieu.


By Hanna Greenwood

“Taking the online women’s ministry course is like a breath of fresh air,” says Linda Adam. “A time to breathe deeply, let the teaching and testimonies of others sink deep into your soul. You are always guaranteed to learn something new—we all need to keep learning.

“The topics being discussed might be about your area of ministry and you can give input into the discussion. Some things you may have learned before and this will be a gentle refresher. You will be sure to learn many new ideas and practical tips to help you grow as a leader.”

Linda is a Canadian participant in the Gateway Seminary Women’s Network—one of about ten Canadian, CNBC women to have finished the program.

As CNBC Women, we are always looking for ways in which to equip everyday women for eternal Kingdom impact. One of the ways we do this is by providing leadership opportunities for women across Canada. Over the past two years, Gateway Seminary Women’s Network has been a helpful pathway.

The Women’s Network utilizes a total of ten monthly webinar sessions focusing on developing all women in all areas of ministry. Webinars cover a large variety of topics including identity and calling, life balance, leadership development, stress management, missions/church planting and much more.

Another participant, Lisa Tranquilla, specifically commented on the training webinars. She frequently uses tools from one of the sessions, “Teach My Heart to Pray.” She says, “We were given an outline called ‘How to Spend an Hour in Prayer,’ broken down into five-minute sections. The beauty of these webinars is there is something for everyone, applicable to your current walk with God.”

Perhaps more valuable, however, is the network’s commitment to mentorship. Each participant is paired with a mentor who can provide discipleship and mentorship in fostering ministry growth and leadership. Janet Terris commented on her mentor, saying, “I was paired with a mentor who was faithful to point me to the truths of scripture, to pray for me, and who became a trusted friend. Though separated by many miles, I felt free to share my heart with her. Truly a blessing in so many ways.”

Overall, participants have had a positive response to the opportunity to participate in the Women’s Network. Paula Sippley says this about her experience: “I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to take part in Gateway Seminary’s Women’s Network program. I found each session timely. The sessions were practical, encouraging and often convicting. My mentor was amazing! I looked forward to our time of discussion and prayer each month. She was such an encouragement to me. She was a fountain of wisdom from her many years of serving in ministry. She was so easy to talk to and genuinely cared about the ministry struggles we were facing at that time.”

Diana Rodriguez, the program’s coordinator from Gateway, has seen the Network become a great asset to women in ministry, specifically in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. She says, “Several women have expressed their appreciation for the themes highlighted and how timely it has been in their personal lives. They have also appreciated the excellent session leaders who have brought their A-game to our virtual table and have taken the time to pour into these women with no reservation. In light of what we are currently living in the world, The Network has proven to be a valuable program reaching out to women across North America and bringing them together. The Women’s Network hopes to continue reaching more and more women who are currently working in the trenches of ministry to offer them the great benefits of The Women’s Network.”

While the program typically costs $100 (USD) per person, CNBC Women is pleased to offer ten scholarships for women from our various churches. We are thankful for the ability to do this through the giving of our churches to the Cooperative Program.

The Women’s Network is an ongoing, open-ended tool, one we hope to see many Canadian women continue to use. If you or someone you know would be interested in participating, please contact Hanna Greenwood at hgreenwood@cnbc.ca.

While all participants who attend ten consecutive sessions will receive a certificate upon completion, the real prize is in the growth of the individual participants and the development of leaders for our churches and our country. We thank God for tools like the Gateway Seminary Women’s Network and look forward to seeing the lasting fruit from the program’s intentional investment.

Linda Adam puts it perfectly, “No matter what your story is, you have nothing to lose by signing up to do this online course, and everything to gain.”


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On June 11, 2020 Darlene S commented:
I would like to learn about Women's Ministry. Blessings!!!
On June 4, 2020 Sue Smith commented:
WAY TO GO!!!! YES!!!!!!! Praying for you as you lead!!!! Here's one I have been praying about and considering gathering a few of my women in minstry friends to help me have wisdom on... maybe you can tackle it! "When I see so many needs around me and so many people to care for, where do I begin? How do I narrow the scope of my impact or ministry focus when there seem to be so many ways I can serve and care? Sometimes it feels overwhleming to see all the needs and opportunities, but not be able to determine who gets the "time" I have to give. THANKS! Sue
On June 3, 2020 faith-marie mckenney commented:
I am now 81 but I firmly believe that we should never stop learning and being equipped to share with others and leading others to be one with Christ and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ As Jesus said" Go out and preach the Gospel so that they may know who I am."
On June 3, 2020 Vivian commented:
Hi there, I had burden to start a women meeting in our area(I started 2 years ago ones a week). I found my self needs training to help my self & other too. Specially I am dealing with immigrant women. And like you said “ Linda Adam puts it perfectly, “No matter what your story is, you have nothing to lose by signing up to do this online course, and everything to gain.” I hope the time will be in my side to accomplish this opportunity.let me know if I am eligible or not. Thank you for the hard work you are doing for His kingdom.
On June 3, 2020 CNBC Women commented:
Hi Vivian! We are so glad you are interested. We will be in touch in the coming days and hope to move forward with this. Stay tuned!
On June 4, 2020 Vivian commented:
Thank you so much, I am looking forward to do it. May I know if you will run it, when will be.?day& time please,