Week 2, Day 3: Requests from the Kwoks

There is something admirable about a couple who is later in life and willing to give up everything to follow the call of God. It’s a faith and obedience similar to what Abraham must have had when God first called him out of Haran and to the land of Canaan.  It’s a call to leave all that is known, go to a land that God will show you, and receive blessing so that you might bless others.

When I think about the Kwok’s, I imagine a similar faith and obedience from them. They are a couple who hasn’t let age hold them back from obedience. They’ve gone to a new land far from their home with a specific purpose and mission. And, I can imagine that as God has blessed them and their faithfulness, they have indeed been a blessing to their students. Read Day 1 of this week's update to see what I mean. 

Today, pray for a few specific things that the Kwoks have requested. And, in doing so, we encourage you to consider the example of the Kwoks. Thank God for their faith to leave everything. Praise God for the place he has brought them. And ask God to bless them, so that they might continue to be a blessing to others. And finally, would you also ask God for the same kind of faith and obedience in your own life, too?

Points of Prayer

  1. Praise God for the Kwoks health. Specifically, thank God for helping them find a good acupuncturist who has been able to alleviate much of their back pain. Pray for their continued health, wellbeing, and sustained energy throughout the semester.
  2. Their seminary will be hosting revival meetings all across Taiwan this year. Dr. Jeff Kwok is scheduled to preach a revival meeting on April 20th. Pray that God would move powerfully and use Dr. Jeff Kwok in a mighty way.
  3. Ask God to give them wisdom as they seek to teach, train, and lead their students this semester.

If you would like prayer cards for the Kwoks, please contact Hanna Greenwood.