Week 2, Day 2: Pray for Taiwan

For almost a year now, the Kwok’s have called Taiwan home. Today, we want to encourage you to pray specifically for the country that they live and minister in.

Taiwan is a small island country in East Asia. In some ways, is has a very western and modern flair, but a look under the surface reveals a culture deeply rooted in traditional, “spiritual” beliefs. While many Taiwanese have a hunger for spiritual things and a desire to worship, they are largely trapped under thick superstitions and idol worship. You can find more helpful insights to the Taiwanese people and their religious culture here.

Quick Facts on Taiwan:

  1. Total population is 23.6 million people.
  2. Over half of Taiwan’s population practices ethnic religions. Only 6% are professing Christians (3.30% evangelical).
  3. Taiwan has 9 unreached people groups, making up 25.7% of the overall population.
  4. With more than 23,000 places of worship to meet their spiritual needs, fewer that 3,500 of them are Christian churches.

WATCH this pray guide video for an inside look at this beautiful country and its culture.

Points of Prayer: 

  1. Pray for the Gospel to overcome the prevalent and deeply rooted superstitions and idol worship within Taiwan.
  2. Pray for the strengthening of Taiwanese churches and leaders.
  3. Pray for the 9 unreached people groups. Pray that the Gospel would reach every tribe and person.