Week 1, Day 3: An Obedient Heart and A Faithful God

When I think about Talia, I think about her constant pursuit of the mission and call God has put on her life. I watched as she left her life in Ontario behind to come to our seminary. When here, she devoted all of her free time to seeking out South Asians in Calgary who she could begin discipling. And, she endured the IMB/CNBC preparation and appointment process with grace and diligence. I knew when I first met her that she is a missionary. You can read more about what I am talking about here, in this recent Horizon Article.

Talia reminds me of Joshua in the Old Testament. Joshua stood on the promise of God's faithfulness, and by it was able to lead the Israelites to defeat the Canaanites and take the Promised Land. For several years now, God has been preparing Talia for this journey. His call on her life has become more and more obvious. And like Joshua, God has faithfully equipped and prepared her for the task ahead. Listen to more of what I mean here.

We, the CNBC mission team, praise God for his faithfulness in finally taking her to that place- her promised land. And, we trust God’s faithfulness to sustain her as she obediently serves Him in South Asia.

Today, pray that, like Joshua, Talia would be strengthened by the presence of God with her. As she continues to adjust to her new life and culture, ask God to remove any fear she might have. Pray that she might remain strong and courageous, rooted in the call and mission God has on her life.

If you would like to have printed prayer cards for Talia, please contact Hanna Greenwood.