Week 1, Day 1: Talia's Story


Talia is our newest CNBC missionary! She was officially commissioned as a CNBC/ IMB missionary on December 4th, 2018 and arrived in South Asia on January 3rd, 2019. (Her exact location can not be disclosed because of security reasons.) Talia currently serves on a team where she travels around to small neighbouring villages to meet in people’s home and share the Gospel. 

In her first update, she shares about the joy she is already experiencing in her new country. Her language skills are progressing, and she is settling in with her team well. The Lord has had great favour on her, as she has already met and shared the Gospel with several locals. Talia shares the story of one of these encounters.

My team and I were sharing in a home, and I noticed a young girl in the home who was very interested. She had the most beautifully bright smile, and I could tell she was tracking with the story we were sharing. When we invited her to respond to the Gospel, she decided right then to follow Jesus. When we came back the next day, we found that she had already shared the Gospel with both of her parents. They are a bit hesitant still, but they allow their daughter to join us for church because they see how insistent she has become about following God.

Praise God for his faithfulness, and for the salvation of this young girl! 

1. PRAISE God for his faithfulness to Talia in the process of her getting to her country.
2. PRAY she continues to adjust well to her new culture and lifestyle.
3. PRAY she would continue to find favour amongst locals. 
4. PRAY for more opportunities to share in people's homes, like the story mentioned above.

For prayer cards for Talia, please email Lovella Penaranda-Dizon.