We've come a long way ...

By Gerry Taillon

The CNBC has come a long way. From our beginning in 1985, as a convention, virtually all of our churches were in Western Canada. Today, just under half of our churches are east of Manitoba. We started with 53 churches and have seen God grow us to more than 400. Though we have not achieved our goal of 1,000 churches, we have doubled the number of churches every 10 years and have quadrupled our churches in 20 years.


Church planting is an ever-expanding movement in the CNBC. Last year we added 27 new churches to our growing family across Canada. Through our partnership with the North American Mission Board (NAMB), we have implemented enlistment, assessment, funding, training, support and multiplying processes, and we have radically improved the health and longevity of our new church plants.

More and more, plants are multiplying themselves in daughter and granddaughter churches. We have been recognized as one of the leading church-planting organizations in Canada.


The financial stability of the CNBC has been strengthened every year. Last year, the generosity of our churches was evidenced in record gifts through the Cooperative Program. More than one million dollars was given to invest in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. In addition, more than $200,000 was reinvested in our seven CNBC regions, to further extend the Kingdom of God.


Our CNBC women, under the leadership of Kathy Morales, have held successful refreshing and equipping events in every region in Canada. New and younger leaders are being trained and deployed as CNBC women mobilize to reach women all over Canada.


Our youth and evangelism team, YET, under the leadership of Cesar Parra, has developed an event called LIVE2LIVE, where youth and young adults invite their unbelieving friends to an edgy, fun night of music and testimonies. The culmination of the night is an old-fashioned invitation that is seeing young people trust Jesus Christ with their lives and future. The next day, both youth and young adults and their leaders attend quality training that equips them to share the Good News of the Gospel with their friends.


Last year, the total number of baptisms in our CNBC churches increased by more than eight per cent.


Our seminary has seen growth in enrollment and also in partnerships that are willing to invest in the next generation of CNBC leaders. Their focus is to prepare leaders for the inevitable tough times that accompany ministry, while giving them the skills to be successful. The seminary now has degree options, at every level, to prepare leaders from our churches, with a wide variety of delivery possibilities.

In the CNBC, our goal as a family of churches is to impact eternity with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We believe that God has empowered the church as the primary vehicle to achieve the Great Commission. We want to help the leaders of the church to accomplish this mission by giving them opportunities to refresh their lives with the presence of God; to be equipped with the skills to reach and minister to people for the glory of God; to be sent on mission, giving themselves away to advance the Kingdom of God; and to relationally network with local leaders for encouragement and expertise.

God has richly blessed our family of churches and we look forward to where He will take us next. I am convinced this is just a small beginning of all that God has planned for the CNBC.

Reprinted from the June 2019 CNBC Horizon. Read more here.