Transformational Preaching

Want to do more than transmit information when preaching? Rick Warren says the whole purpose of preaching is Life Transformation. He has 9 Preaching Tips that will change lives, including preach for obedience and response. Tim Keller recommends preaching to the heart. (1:02:40). Steve Li gives six factors in preaching that change lives, including challenge counterfeit gods and misbeliefs. Ed Stetzer weighs in with the changes we need, including a new life, not just a new leaf; and it's a process, not a destination.

What are hindrances to transformational expository preaching? Here's 10, including lack of personal holiness and prayerlessness. 9Marks helps you preach for application, showing specific ways a specific biblical text applies to our hearers. The master? Jesus, of course. Rick Warren has two primers on Preaching like Jesus Part 1 and Part 2.

The bottom line? Preach to expose and exalt the glory of God in all things so that the God of glory might be prized and praised in all things.