Top 10 Devotional Topics for Men's Groups

Men of Integrity (Christianity Today) has featured devotional readings that would not only help you with your day-to-day struggles but also give you "tools" for drawing closer to Christ. And while we have plenty of great devotional topics for you, there were 10 that drew the greatest attention and garnered the largest readership.

1  Six Ways to Love Your Wife by Jay Payleitner
This week gives you practical tips for demonstrating that you really care deeply for the woman God has called you to love and cherish.

Let Your Heart Break for a Hurting World by Jeff Goins
By drawing from his own experiences, the author helps you see the importance of reaching out to the less fortunate and also demonstrates how your life can be forever changed by doing so.

Redefining the "Good Life" by Trip Lee
Christian rapper Trip Lee challenges you to wrestle with your definition of success and "to rethink our culture's ideas about 'success' and shape our goals around [God's]."

Hope and Healing from Sexual Brokenness by T. C. Ryan
As a recovering sex addict, the author offers honest insights and hope-filled help for all who struggle with sexual purity.

Jesus Loves You … Really by David Jeremiah
These readings help you better understand how God's love impacts the way you live and love others.

Embracing God's Will for Your Life by Daniel Kolenda
Focusing largely on the development of strong Christian character, the author offers simple but not simplistic insights about God's greatest and best desires for you.

What Happened the Day Before Easter? by John Ortberg
Pastor-author John Ortberg takes you on a "journey" back to the day before Jesus rose from the dead—and gives you a better understanding of your own Saturday-before-Easter experiences.

Escape the Trap of Temptation by Todd D. Hunter
These readings show you how to win—and keep winning—the battle over those things that tempt you the most.

Your Wife: Lover, Helper, Companion by Timothy Z. Witmer
With insights drawn primarily from the first couple of chapters of Genesis, this week gives you principles for building a better marriage.

10 When Life Gets Too Tough to Handle by Perry Noble
Contrary to the popular Christian myth, God does sometimes give you more than you can handle—and the author explains why this can be a good thing.