The Value of Small Churches

Small congregations comprise the majority of CNBC churches, like most conventions. We value them highly!  Stetzer, in his interview with Karl Vaters, says 90% of all congregations are small. He encourages a mindset shift from church size to church health. Stetzer also urges us to rethink small churches, with 6 questions to ask, and comparing a healthy small church to an unhealthy one. Why are they so important to the kingdom? Here's five benefits of the small church (and two problems).

What characterizes a small church? Here's 15 traits, including relationally driven and grapevine communication. If that's not enough, here's 34 indictors in an assessment tool. And 8 non-numerical ways to assess a small church's health.

Must small churches stay small? Joe McKeever gives 10 reasons why they do, including quick turnover of pastors. Of course, they can grow. Like this,10 small church strategies in a big church world, with get a website and focus on children's ministries. Oh, plus 7 choices to strengthen a small church's ministry, including do relationships well. And how to grow a small church numerically.

Want wise counsel? McKeever gives superb advice in How to Grow a Small Church, the must-read in this e-blast.