The Mosaic Church

Straddling over the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan, the unique city of Lloydminster has a population of 36,000 (2014) and 9 evangelical Christian churches with a combined attendance of 3100. The city also has one of the highest per-family incomes in Canada. Like any other affluent oil boom-town, people have very little interest in spiritual matters. Over the last four years, Lloydminster and area have seen an influx of immigrants from all over the world. Clearly, the city and its surrounding areas (with a combined population of 100,000) are in need of a stronger evangelical witness and more audacious churches that would not only present Christ as the only Lord and Saviour to the unchurched affluent locals but also to the struggling new immigrants. However, none of the existing churches had any intentions of starting brand new work in the city or the surrounding areas.

In late March 2014, four individuals-  a farmer, an engineer, a teenager and a pastor, met to pray and plan to pursue the God-sized task of starting a new church that makes disciples resulting to radical devotion, total mobilization and intentional multiplication. The four men had just become “homeless” after the 110-year-old church they used to be part of made decisions that they deemed unbiblical. That led them to believe that God’s direction and will was for them to begin a new audacious evangelical work in the city. Considering their own little group’s multicultural make-up, the team chose the name Mosaic. Mosaic started as a vision sought after by that small group of believers who felt a strong call to an audacious undertaking of starting a multicultural movement that is radically centered on Jesus Christ, dauntless in its mission and strongly focused on making disciples.

After much prayer, Richie Davies, Ambet David, Jayden Friesen and Pastor Jon Las called for the first “Connection Sunday” on April 6, 2014 at the OTS Room of the Servus Sports Center. Word about the formation of a new church spread across the city and 180 people showed up, all interested to hear and know more about Mosaic’s purpose and vision. Armed with nothing but faith in his heart and a Bible in his hand, Pastor Jon shared the passion, vision and strategies for Mosaic which resulted in almost 90 people embracing the vision, volunteering to serve and invite their friends and family to the new church. That first Connection Sunday, 10 people indicated their desire to receive Christ!


Sensing that the momentum has picked up, the team promoted the first pre-launch worship experience on April 13, 2014. It was a great time of worship with more than 200 people coming. That morning, 8 individuals gave their lives to Jesus Christ and an infant was dedicated. The following week, Easter 2014, Mosaic held two worship experiences for the first time. The new church celebrated the Resurrection of Christ with more than 240 people in worship with 8 individuals praying to receive Jesus Christ. Overwhelmed by God’s tremendous blessing for the new church, Pastor Jon shared with the congregation, “We are coming to terms with the fact this is not normal, and we are excited to be in the middle of what God is doing!”


In its six weeks of existence, by God’s grace, Mosaic has seen growth in worship attendance, small group involvement, volunteer workforce, outreach activities and giving. Regular worship attendance is now at more than 270 people and we have15 discipleship groups.  Mosaic Lloyd now offers two worship experiences every Sunday morning at the Lakeland College Lecture Theater. The Lord willing, we envision to formally launch and constitute on September 14, 2014. At that launch, Mosaic is praying and believing God for 500 people in attendance and 100 people giving their lives to Christ!


We strongly believe that God will do even more! The best is yet to come!  We desire to lead as many people to Christ so that they may be made alive and included in Him.


With God’s power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine. To him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus for all time, forever and ever. Amen. Ephesians 3:20-21