The Light Worship Community

With over 100 nations represented at the University of Manitoba and 20% of graduates scattering the globe upon graduation, we can literally reach the nations by reaching the university. With 80% of graduates staying in the province, many of whom stay right in Winnipeg, we can transform the very fabric of our city by reaching these students with the gospel.

We have been gathering with a core group since September of 2013 preparing the team for the launch of The Light Church. In casting vision to our core group, we encouraged our group to leverage our lives around the University of Manitoba (minutes away from South Pointe, where we will be moving to on Easter Sunday, 2016) so that we can see students come to saving faith in Jesus. 

South Pointe is the newest development in Winnipeg, it is part of the Waverly-West suburb of the city. The Waverley West suburb has a projected population of 40,000 people. This suburb, if it were to be a separate city, would be the third largest city in the province of Manitoba. We are especially interested in this area as there is a desperate need for more evangelical churches in the Waverley West community and we are interested in South Pointe specifically because it is the newest development in the city which means people are constantly moving and settling in with their families. South Pointe’s demographic is primarily upper class young families with a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic flavour. South Pointe is home to no church, but it is the home of the largest mosque in the city.

In March we had a team of 20 college students from a Southern Baptist Church in Arkansas come to Winnipeg on their spring break to help us engage students at the University of Manitoba. We leveraged the team’s work as the beginning of a new season for our group. Instead of only organic, low-key evangelism on campus we officially launched and established a student group on campus, ‘The Light Worship Community’. This team helped us throw events every day to meet students, and we concluded our week with a worship night in which over 100 students were present. We used this worship night to announce our church planting initiative and introduce a new DVD study series, ‘Gospel in Life’ by Dr. Tim Keller, which would kick-off the following week on campus. This was our transition from an apartment to the campus for our weekly gatherings. We had 10 new students that next week for bible study, which is huge considering it, was exam week. Since then we have connected with many students and we are encouraged to see what God is doing through our student group on campus.

God has richly blessed us with yet another team this time from Redeemer Church, a Southern Baptist Church in Omaha to do outreach events in South Pointe at the end of July. Our goal is to connect with families in this community as we plan to move our church plant into what will be South Pointe Elementary School on Easter Sunday of 2016. This will be the launch of South Pointe Church, and we will maintain our campus presence with The Light Worship Community functioning as the university ministry of South Pointe Church.

Prayer Points

·      July outreach in South Pointe with the team from Omaha

·      September 2014 – Campus outreach event week, worship night (pre-launch)

·      September 2014 – Launching ‘The Light Church’ at the University of Manitoba

·      Boaz and Brad as they lead and pursue financial partners

·      Jordan Williams, a young woman from a Southern Baptist Church in Arkansas will be joining us from September-January to serve as an Intern. She will be helping with our church plant and our campus student ministry.

Boaz Fadun    -  Pastor of Preaching and Vision
Brad Williams  - Pastor of Worship and Mission