The Church of the Lord of Lords

Summary of Our testimony & ministry
My wife Ramona & I accepted the Lord in 1980 & 1979, respectively. The Lord used us in our home church in Lebanon (& Cyprus) between 1980 & 1992. He clearly called us for the pastoral ministry in August 1987. We have 2 children: Noelle, 27; & Roy, 22. They are both in the Lord & faithfully serving Him. Praise to His name.

1- The Lord used us while Ramona was working in the Lebanese government & me in the bank. We immigrated to
Canada in 1992. The Lord helped her to finish a B.A. in Law, a B.A. in Theology & a Th.M.; &, me to obtain a B.A. in
Business Administration, a B.A. in Marketing, a Th. M. & a D. Min. Also, from Lebanon to Canada (1987-2005): the Lord used me to write to 3 Christian Radio stations broadcasting to the Middle East, North Africa & the Gulf countries.

2- In 1993, the Lord helped us to start the Arabic Baptist church of Christ in Montreal. From a Bible study with 2 people at home, we are now more than 100 from about 10 Arabic countries; 10% from non-Christian back-ground. Summer 2013 annual retreat’s attendance: 104 people.

3- Since 2000, the Lord helped us to start & continue to teach a student/young adult group in English & French. Since 2005, & now with the help of Noelle & others, we continue to teach every Saturday evening, and plan 2 retreats yearly. (Attendance reached 75 people).

4- Between Feb. 2007 & Sept. 2010, the Lord used us in a community center in Laval on Saturday afternoon. We started with 5 people; we counted 49 attending by the end of our ministry there. Many got saved & baptized. 15 joined our Arabic church (2008-2010). By the end of January 2014, 5 new families (from Laval group) & other individuals (29 people, in all) started attending our Arabic church. Some accepted Christ & asked for baptism.

5- The Lord used us also:
• In the Arabic Evangelical Baptist church for about 2 years (1998-1999), while serving in our Arabic church;
• In a multinational home Bible study on Saturday afternoon (2005-2007);
• In our building where many received the Bible; 2 accepted Christ (2002-2013);
• In a Turkish-Arabic ladies’ meeting every Thursday, since 2000; about 10 ladies accepted Christ and are attending our church; some with family members.
The Lord gave me the grace to preach/teach 7 times weekly for several years. My wife has always been serving & supporting me, in church music, counseling, visitation, teaching in Sunday school and the youth, young adults & ladies meetings.

6- We served in the above ministries while working secular, most of the time, in the areas of teaching, management, marketing, business, and investment, etc…

7- Between Sept. 2006 & May 2013, while continuing to serve according to God’s call in our lives, He led us to leave our secular jobs & used us full-time in an English Alliance church: every year, we had 1 or 2 baptisms; many gave their lives to the Lord. It was Him in us! When we arrived, the average attendance was around 100 people. When we left (May 2013) the average attendance was about 170. Attendance reached 330 in special occasions.

8- In 2012, our Son Roy, who has a heart for the French Quebecers, expressed his desire to reach them for Christ. So, we started praying with him. By the end of summer 2013, he decided to serve in a French church in our Baptist convention. According to Ps F. Verschelden, Roy now serves in the CxC (Church multiplication Center Connexion) & is helping in the worship/leading, sound& music, correspondence with USA partners, planning & leading USA Mission teams in
Although we were praying & planning to start a French church involving our Son Roy with us according to God’s call in his heart, the Lord led us however to start a new English church in a vast Anglophone area (West Island of Montreal).

9- So, with the prayers and encouragement of several local CNBC pastors & leaders and after contacting few people who had expressed their desire to join us if we serve in English, on Sept 15th 2013, we started an English meeting every Sun. at 11 AM in Emmanuel Christian School. So far, about 80 people visited our new plant (attended 1-5 times). 40 expressed their desire to attend whenever they can. The committed regular attendees are about 30, so far.

10- On Friday, Nov. 29th 2013, a man from a non-Christian back-ground diagnosed of cancer accepted Christ. By His grace, I visited him at home and hospital, teaching and praying with him until he passed away to be with the Lord in April 2014. About 100 people attended his funeral. Many of his Muslim family members were amazed because of our hope in the Lord Who used me to address a clear evangelistic message. I even called them near the casket/coffin and asked them if they would like to be with the Lord Jesus One Day, and meet their beloved who is now with Christ: several ones prayed after me and called the Lord to save them and write their names in His Book of Life.

11- On the 1st Sunday of December 2013, a Romanian lady came in tears after the service, accompanied by Ramona, & she accepted Christ as her personal Savior. Pray for her as she presently has to work on Sunday.

12- During these years of ministry, the Lord helped us to discover, disciple & train many leaders who serve now in our or other churches. By His grace, He used me in the ordination of 3 pastors who are now serving/starting churches; several others are worship leaders/elders/deacons.

13- Presently, we are working with 3 new potential leaders/preachers in the Arabic church; and, the Lord blessed us with a servant/preacher who is greatly helping us in the English new plant, along with faithful sister and brother (Treasurer/secretary), not to forget everyone who is serving the Lord sacrificially.

14- In all, so far, the Lord used us in 10 different countries, 5 Canadian provinces, and 10 states in the USA, in revivals, retreats, preaching, leading/teaching, & pastors & churches conferences.

15- All because God is Sovereign; He is still in the business of saving souls, making disciples, starting churches & sending His anointed ones to reach the lost in the uttermost part of the earth.

16- If He is able to save an unknown Lebanese who was subject to be kidnapped & killed every day, who got a sniper bullet in his hair, was saved from assured death at least 3 times in Lebanon, and survived from under
thousands of bombs, shells, rockets, explosions & all kind of deadly weapons... and, if He is able to send him & his wife to Canada to reach out for the lost, and continue to use them for His Kingdom, facing all kinds of “beasts in Ephesus”...So...
He will accomplish what He has started in us.

17- On Monday, Jan 27th, 2014, I was supposed to meet with 2 lawyers. One of them called saying that he will be 30 minutes late. 30 minutes? That’s plenty of time waiting with the other lawyer in one small room! The Lord opened my mouth & helped me witness to this other lawyer: full message of salvation; my testimony;
God is Sovereign; impossible not to believe in Him…
I wish you could see the lawyer’s eyes while listening and receiving the right answers!

18- On Feb. 3rd, Br L.’s father died. The Lord opened the door for me to preach an evangelistic message for about 30 minutes. About 40-45 people attended. At the end, I addressed the call and asked everyone to pray the sinner’s prayer. Imagine many from Catholic back-ground praying after me to receive Jesus as their personal Savior!
* These are Br L.’s words (in an e-mail he sent me):
Good evening Pastor Fady,
Praise the Lord for your visit, your prayer, your message this evening.
To some whose heart is hardened and do not believe, the message was foolishness, nonsense to them, but to those whose heart the Holy Spirit has prepared to receive His word, they were healing, life-giving words from our Lord. Praise Him! May souls have been saved for His glory's sake this evening. I believe there were. The Lord knows.
** Here is a message from another Brother (G.) who attended:
Dear Pastor Fady
It was nice to see you at the funeral home. I do know that L. and all his family appreciate it that you came to show your support for them. Also it was nice… that you spoke and preached the gospel. I believe you were led by the Lord to do so.
Blessings to you and your family
May we always use every opportunity to witness and present the Gospel because it is God’s power of salvation to all who believe!

19- Few months ago, I went to an elderly home to visit a great man of God who had served Him for several years, but was hit by a stroke few years ago. He wasn’t responsive; so, I prayed for him and decided to come another time.
In January 2014, I visited him again: the nurse was trying to wake him up in order to give him his medication, but he wouldn’t respond. I said to the nurse, Let me try.
- I said, Br C.? And, suddenly, although he lost most of his sight:
- He said: Pastor Fady?
- I said, Yes. Do you remember me?
- Br C.: Of course; halleluiah, praise the Lord!
He took his medication; & then, we spent a great time singing hymns & thanking the Lord.
Few weeks later, I receive a message from his daughter: Br C. went home to be with the Lord.
How great it is to obey & serve the Lord while it’s still day: “I was sick, & you visited me!”
In Br C.’s funeral: again, I was privileged to preach the Gospel. May He bring many to His kingdom, as we sincerely submit our wills to Him!
Christmas 2013 at the A.B.C. of Christ
Young adults winter retreat (Jan. 2014)

Please, pray for:
A- The lost in Quebec, from all the nations of the world.
B- More anointed ones to be sent to our needy field: you are welcome to visit, send, support and or discover God’s call to serve, seek the lost, build and multiply the churches in Quebec.
C - Our ministry here in Quebec: more of His grace, faithfulness, protection, & better health. We are now serving in the Arabic church (Fri. & Sun. PM), the students group (French/English) on Sat. PM, & in the new English church - Church of the Lord of lords, (Sun. AM).
D- The new attendees in our 2 churches (A.B.C. of Christ, & the Church of the Lord of lords, LOL church): salvation, baptism & growth.
Together in the Eternal Kingdom,


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