The Art of Evangelism Training in Calgary

By Bo Neal


The Community Life Network of churches in South Calgary contacted Cesar Parra (CNBC team leader for evangelism, youth, and missions) and asked him about an evangelism training event that would equip our people to share the Gospel.


Cesar put together a team of highly gifted presenters from our Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College (CSBS&C) to lead the “Art of Evangelism” conference. This team included three of our amazing seminary faculty including Dr. John Charping (professor of theology), Dr. Susan Booth (professor of evangelism) and Dr. Glenn Watson (professor of preaching).


These gifted and educated speakers blessed church members and pastors alike with the fruit of their time, study and hard work in each of the areas they presented.


We heard why and when we share from Dr. Charping through a session titled, “What Am I Thinking?” 4 Questions to Ask When Joining God at Work.” The four questions answered were as follows: Why do we share Jesus and when do I share Jesus? What do I do if they say no? What do I do if they want to keep thinking about it or discussing the truth of Christ? What do I do if they say yes? This is just a sampling of the rich training provided by Dr. Charping.


Dr. Watson shared with us how to tell a compelling story and share the Gospel by equipping those eager to share God’s story of the Gospel in how to prepare an effective evangelistic narrative sermon. He focused on answering the questions, “How do we tell a compelling story anyway?” He reminded attendees that we cannot forget the storyline, tension, climax, and resolution. If we are going to tell the story of the Gospel, it is imperative that we seek to tell it in a compelling way.


Dr. Susan Booth added another layer of training with her presentation on “The Art of Telling God’s Story.” Susan armed every participant with the ability to clearly and concisely share God’s story with anyone we know and meet. She utilizes five simple shares to remind those of us sharing our faith of the clear and concise path we follow to get to Jesus and offer anyone the opportunity to experience life change from the inside out.


Finally, to top off an amazing day of equipping, sharing and challenge, we spent our last hour with Cesar Parra of the CNBC. Cesar (as did each of the presenters) shared from his heart for the lost all around us and their need for Jesus. His session, “The Art of Connecting with Community to Declare the Gospel,” reminded us that evangelism is about the people around us. We must make time to connect with people who don’t know Jesus, invest in them and share the Gospel with them. Cesar’s model of discipleship and evangelism, called D52, left us with a final charge to declare the Gospel. It is our privilege!


What God did through the “Art of Evangelism” was provide more than top-notch training on how and when to share the Good News of Jesus with people. These scholars and practitioners provided training that was clear, concise, and compelling. Here is a sampling of the great feed-back from this event:


“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

“I love the speakers!”

“I can’t wait to practice this!”

“I love that they reminded us that it is all about the people!”


God even game one of the attendees the opportunity to share Jesus with her friend that very evening after the conference. God is good, and we pray that He will continue to bear fruit through the training provided.


Thank you to CNBC, CSBS&C, and CNBC AB for investing in people who want to invest in the lost around them.


Reprinted from the December 2018 CNBC Horizon. For a video of the event, click here.