The Art of Evangelism

The Art of Evangelism is a one day seminar that seeks to equip and encourage youth, church members, leaders, and pastors for effective evangelism. Centred around the evangelistic strategy D52, The Art of Evangelism Seminar includes these topics and presenters: 

  • "What Am I Thinking?" 4 Questions to Ask when Joining God at Work with Dr. John Charping
  • How to Prepare an Effectice Evangelistic Narrative Sermon with Dr. Glenn Watson
  • D52/ Effective Evangelistic Leaders with Cesar Parra 
  • The Art of Telling God's Story with Dr. Susan Booth

For more information and helpful testimonies from a previous The Art of Evangelism Seminar, read HERE.

For information on how to get The Art of Evangelism Training Seminar in your region of Canada, contact Cesar Parra.