Team Fitness Survey

Rate each of the statements as it applies to your team using the following rating scale:

This statement definitely applies to our team.                      4

This statement applies to our team most of the time.           3

This statement is occasionally true for our team.                 2

This statement does not describe our team at all.                1


Enter the score you believe appropriate for each statement beside the statement number on the Scoring Sheet.


1.      Each team member has an equal voice.              


2.      Members make team meetings a priority.             


3.      Team members know they can depend on one another.        


4.      Our mandate, goals, and objectives are clear and agreed upon.      


5.      Team members fulfill their commitments.        


6.      Team members see participation as a responsibility.          


7.      Our meetings produce excellent outcomes.            


8.      There is a feeling of openness and trust in our team.          


9.      We have strong, agreed upon beliefs about how to achieve success.    


10.     Each team member demonstrates a sense of shared responsibility for the success of the team.                   



11.   Input from team members is used whenever possible.          


12.   We all participate fully in team meetings.            


13.     Team members do not allow personal priorities/agendas to hinder team effectiveness.


14.     Our roles are clearly defined and accepted as defined by all the        team members.


15.   Team members keep each other well informed.           


16.   We involve the right people in decisions.             


17.   In team meetings we stay on track and on time.           


18.   Team members feel free to give their honest opinions.        


19.   If we were asked to list team priorities, our lists would be very similar.    


20.   Team members take initiative to put forth ideas and concerns.      


21.   Team members are kept well informed.             


22.   We are skilled in reaching consensus.              


23.   Team members respect each other.              


24.   When making decisions, we agree on priorities.          


25.   Each team member pulls his or her weight.            

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