Summer reading for Small Group leaders

 Bill Hybels is right, If you're a serious-minded leader, you will read. If you're interested in small groups as a leader or participant, this summer train yourself with such excellent books as: 

Steve Gladen's Small Groups with Purpose. He's pastor of small groups at Saddleback - a consummate pro. 

Chris Surratt's Small Groups for the Rest of Us. He says, It’s not impossible to build a successful small-group system without the senior leader being fully on board, but it’s extremely difficult.

Henry Cloud and John Townsend, both psychologists, Making Small Groups Work. They're interested to see small groups use God's plan for growth ... made up of three key elements: grace plus truth plus time. 

All of them are good, any one of them will stretch you.

Next week: summer reading for DiscipleMakers.

Paul Johnson
CNBC Church Strengthening team leader