Statement on Release of SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force Report

Statement on Release of SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force Report ( Francais )

Jeff Christopherson

National Ministry Leader

Canadian National Baptist Convention


When I read the report released this week, like so many of you, I felt angry and heartbroken and physically nauseous. I tried to imagine the emotions of these dear survivors, who were grievously sinned against from people who called themselves their ‘shepherds’ – and then abused once again by the response that they received from those who should have held those false shepherds to account. To be clear, the Church of Jesus Christ, by the very nature of her Founder, should be the safest community on earth. Any instrument, priority, or authority that diminishes personal wellbeing and increases the possibilities for abuse is wholly inconsistent with our King’s character and calling. The release of the S.B.C. Sexual Abuse Task Force Report is a sobering warning that the primary call of Christ’s people should never be biased toward the self-protection of institutions—but instead designed to reveal Jesus’ kingdom by clearly declaring the truth.


Although the Canadian National Baptist Convention is not a part of the Southern Baptist Convention, our shared calling in Jesus’ Great Commission should cause us to look at our own policies to ensure that truth and transparency is our first and highest motivation. To that end, I have requested that our National Leadership Board strike a CNBC Abuse Protection Task Force to study our current sexual abuse policies and recommend instruments and policies that will ensure the greatest protection and transparency possible is extended to every CNBC church. May it never be said of our family of churches that we knowingly provided any quarter for predatory shepherds to abuse Jesus’ flock.


Light, by its nature, reveals the reality of what has always existed in the darkness. May we together build a family of churches where the Light of Christ is welcomed into every corner of our work. May we all be agents of Jesus’ healing for those among us who have been damaged by darkness’ selfishness. And may we shine like lights in a broken world.


For His Kingdom,


Jeff Christopherson


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