STAGES: Disciple Maker

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WHAT WOULD A DISCIPLE MAKER SAY?  “I’m being fed, feeding self, and feeding others. I’ve started discipling someone. I’m putting fear aside and obeying God even when I’m nervous. Whether it’s talking about my faith or stepping up to lead, I know God will help when he asks me to do something. I’m getting skilled in how to help others journey through the stages. Now I look for ways to disciple people and pray for opportunities to do so, especially with people around me. I’m far from perfect, but I’m dealing with my sin when I see it. I encourage others to do the same. My appreciation for God’s grace is growing, as is my burden for people who live without it.”

The DISCIPLE MAKER is valuable to a spiritual community. They can help bear the discipleship load. There is a tendency to be inattentive to their spiritual needs, however, because of their maturity. The DISCIPLE MAKER needs encouragement, accountability, training, and refreshing. Consistency and steering clear of burn out would be two major goals for a DISCIPLE MAKER. Try to make sure that the DISCIPLE MAKER is not just working with people who need maturing within the spiritual community but encourage them to engage, gather and disciple people outside of the community as well. Ask a DISCIPLE MAKER to consider a separate Leadership Track in the areas they excel the most in but don’t stop walking them through the STAGES.

Getting Started with Disciple Makers