Source de Vie

After having served for several years as pastor in Ottawa, Ontario, God has lead my wife Myra and I to serve Him now in the province of Quebec.

Six months ago Myra and I moved with our 4 children (Noah – 9, Anaël – 7, Éloïse – 5 and Kyria -3) to the Mont Bellevue neighborhood located in the city of Sherbrooke.

This section of town has the greatest population density with 31,981 people, and yet there is no Evangelical church. The families in this area are needy in many ways.  Whether it be low revenue, loneliness, difficult family situations or financial problems, their lives are precarious in almost every aspect. Their most basic need, however, is to know about God’s love.  We want to be Christ’s love to them and show them that there is hope in Jesus in the midst of their suffering.

My role is to plant a church in this part of the city with the goal of serving the community and helping them to discover and believe in the love of Jesus.  I am called as a pastor here, not only to train disciples for Christ and to build God’s work in Mont Bellevue, but also to accompany and equip believers as they themselves make disciples, serve the community and reach souls for Jesus.

Presently we have the "Young Explorers" club which is aimed at reaching the children of the area.  Once a month we get together with about 45 young people and organize sporting activities, Bible stories and skits centered on the message of the cross. Last summer we sent 40 children to a local Bible camp called Word of Life.  Through this ministry we have built contacts with quite a few parents.  The Lord is active here and we are encouraged to continue investing our lives making Christ known in this community.

God is at work.  He seeks the well-being of the poor, the unfortunate and the forgotten.  My wife and I had the privilege of meeting with a single mother who had experienced much trauma in her life.  Because of the high level of stress, she was unable to take care of her three children.  Social Services decided to place her children in foster homes and put her into the psychiatric ward at the hospital, believing that she had lost her mind.  Not knowing what to do, she cried out to God and asked for his mercy.  She absolutely did not want to lose her children or to end up in a psychiatric ward.  The Lord heard the prayer of this broken woman and answered her. She is now in her home and is caring for her children.  She says this: “God is my life.  Without Christ I am nothing.”  She wants nothing but Him in her life.  God is at work.

We are extremely excited about the vision that God has given us for the community of Mont Bellevue.  God is also opening doors so that we might have an appropriate meeting place where we can better respond to the mandate that He has given us.

My passion is to see God transform this community for His glory. We plan to begin a Bible study club for youth from 13-17 years old and another one for college and career ages.  Establishing small groups is also one of our priorities.

Currently as I prepare for a church plant in this neighborhood, we are faced with many challenges, the most important being the need for workers and the need for financial support.  We are in the process of acquiring an old restaurant for the price of $300,000, which will require another $200,000 for the cost of renovations.  We need support.

We are looking for partners to aid us in this work.  We pray that the Lord would send us co-workers willing to unite with us just as we are united with Christ to accomplish His plan of building His church.  We plead with the Lord to place in the hearts of many people the desire to pray for us and to support us financially in any way.

Pray for us that: the Word of the Lord Jesus would spread rapidly and be honored, that God would grant us the grace to present Christ effectively, that He would fill us with His wisdom and discernment, that God would open doors which would provide the finances necessary for acquiring the building we desire so that we might establish a visible witness for Christ in our neighborhood, that God would send more workers into the harvest here in Mont Bellevue to assist us in this ministry.