Small Groups TuneUp

Mark Howell is the go-to guy for small groups. His daily blog is a great help for anyone leading small groups. The latest insights from him: 10 signs your small group ministry needs a reboot, one of which is, you never hear life-change stories from the leaders. Facing challenges in your small group ministry? Here's challenges every church faces, including demand exceeds supply [you'll always need more leaders]. You have assumptions about small groups; compare them with these 10, such as no problem-free solutions and  unconnected people are one tough thing away from not being at your church.

There are two best seasons to launch small groups - know them? Here's five things you can do to launch more in September, like get inspiring stories to use for fall promotion. Oh, more things in the summer, to prepare for the fall. 

Check out these 10 ways to connect with more people, including leverage the power of story-telling. And five ways to find leaders more easily.

Finally, a perplexing questionwould you rather connect with more people or make more disciples?  The answer may surprise you.