Small Groups Not Just Sundays

By Paul Johnson

Four wise leaders, with insights to help us in small group ministry. Thom Rainer, with five obstaclesmyths and deliverables of small groups (two deliverables are deeper friendships and accountability).

Chuck Lawless, 10 ways to grow a small group, including have an outreach person and care person for each group and pray for people who've never attended. Thom Rainer also has 9 steps to multiplication(podcast), emphasizing celebrating new groups builds momentum for even more new groups and if you set goals, have a due date, or they don't happen.

Ed Stetzer, five essentials for transformational small groups, (ie, lives get transformed). One is kingdom-focused.

Mark Howell, with five keys to become a more caring group, like have leaders show healthy transparency and vulnerability. And 10 essential skills for a small group leader, including helping leaders choose their next curriculum and top 10 ways to find new members.

Bonus from Mark Howell, 10 things we need to know about making disciples. Excellent concepts, such as Real disciples make disciples and you don't have to arrive before you begin to make disciples.